Vaccine News: Dr. Oz Says No

Have you ever wondered why you are told you need the flu shot vaccine every year? The human body creates antibodies that last a lifetime. For instance everybody knows that when you get the chicken pox as a child you never get the chicken pox again (except in rare cases have some people had the chicken pox twice but there are no known cases of anyone getting the chicken pox more than that). Why is that? Because your body created the chicken pox antibodies that last a lifetime.

Have you ever wondered why people that do not vaccinate are harassed to get immunized? Why is it called vaccine immunization if it doesn’t make you immune to anything? Want proof? People that do not get vaccine immunizations are told they put the vaccinated people at risk! So if you get the vaccine you are not immune according to the very doctors that injected you with the vaccine for the supposed purpose of immunizing.

What are some common ingredients found in vaccines? Insect repellent, aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde!

The popular TV doctor, Dr. Oz, does not vaccinate his own children. “I’ll tell you, my wife is not going to immunize our kids because I’ve got four of them and when I go home I’m not Dr. Oz I’m Mr. Oz.” – Dr. Mehmet OZ.

Door to Door Mandatory Vaccines – Dr. Oz Children not getting Vaccines in his own words

(Video description) Watch as Dr. Mehmet Oz refuses to to have his children vaccinated while recommending that you & your children have a yearly dose. Who are you going to trust Dr. Oz the Corporate Machine or Mr. Oz the Father? Get your vaccine exemption forms today.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Dr. Oz says “no.”

Vaccine Articles: (Updated 6/20/2012)

Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier – Investigation provides solid scientific evidence in support of considerable anecdotal evidence that unvaccinated children are healthier than their vaccinated peers.

CDC admits flu vaccines don’t work (which is why you need a new one every year)

Vaccines lower immunity – All vaccines are dangerous. A former vaccine developer, now whistle blower, was interviewed by investigative journalist Jon Rapapport.

U.S. Girls Dropping Dead – Unearthed documents reveal new deaths from ‘mandated’ vaccine shot.

Gardasil vaccine controversy soars, as Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry drop – Dr. Christian Fiala called the HPV vaccination plan “a money-making machine without any benefit for patients. But some inherent risks.”

Vaccine Exemption Forms

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